Functional overview

VisLog enables moving companies to link together and share information. It is a visual order overview of linked companies.

Who is when where?

You keep the control and can decide who is going to see which order information. Additionally you are able to see

an overview of all forwarded orders and requests for price quotes in the market

Using VisLog enables you to directly submit an offer for an order and connect to linked companies through short lines communication. Directly from mover to mover!

Map view

You can see both your own and your contacts tours on an interactive map. All contact are colour coded and are displayed by individual pins. There are different pins your own standard tours, a request for price quotes from one of your contacts or when a contact wants to forwarded tour. In the case of a client’s new order request, it is quite easy to determine the nearest tour for the requested time frame whether it is one of your own or a contact tours. All you have to do is search and zoom in on the map; intelligent background filters do the rest.
  • Regionally restricted You can search for a specific city quite easily on the map. Once you enter a city name in the provided text box the map automatically centres and zooms in onto the requested city. This feature helps to instantly identify the loading and unloading stops of your or your contacts tours which are the closest to a new order request. Furthermore, you can widen your search even to neighbouring countries.
  • Filtering the pins for date or order type All of your own and your contact pins are shown on the map. These pins always identify the distinct loading and unloading stops of a tour. If you just want to see the pins of tours within a specific time frame, just mark the periods of loading and unloading in a calendar. All other pins are then being deleted from the active map view. Additionally you can choose the kind of tours which are being displayed on the map. You choose between order requests, available orders or standard tours.
  • Filtering for contacts This option allows you to filter for just specific contacts. These are then, based on the previously selected contact, exclusively shown on the map.
  • Tour data Just one click on a pin plots the corresponding loading respectively the unloading stop on the map. This also plots additional tour data e.g. volume, contractor, contact details etc.
The inter active map is the centrepiece of VisLog. The times of repetitive phone calls, complicated tour exchanges with colleagues via email, excel tables or other documents are gone.

Collaboration? Yes, please but without any additional administrative input. Every user administers his/ her own tours he wants to show to his contacts.

Order overview

Your contacts and you and can submit an offer on any of your open orders to each other (transfers). All of the to you submitted orders can be reviewed in a table and thus potential deviations can be easily identified.
  • Messaging history Order related messaging! E.g. Is there a question about an order from one of your contacts? What was your reply? The complete messaging history for each individual order is saved and can be reviewed by just a simple mouse click. You don’t have to gather the information anymore. It is all there.

    Does this sound familiar to you? You have an order to be passed on and you start working down the phone lines or write endless emails to your contacts? The answers come per email or phone, sometimes it’s just a note since you’ve been absent from your desk for a few minutes! It is quite challenging to keep track of everything. That is exactly why VisLog stores the complete messaging order related.
  • Flexible offers A colleague wants to pass an order on to you, which would have a near perfect return freight. However, your tour would start 1-2 days earlier than scheduled by the order although you could offer a greater bargain. Using VisLog this necessary coordination of the dates is not a problem at all anymore. You just add your offer to the order details and submit it to your colleague. The deviations are highlighted in his overview of the order and your colleague can discuss the new offer with the client.
Everyone benefits from VisLog. Your overview of tours, quote requests and open orders helps you to optimise your utilised capacity and avoid empty return tours. You optimise your profit margin and increase your companies environmental sustainability

More benefits

  • Quality assurance for forwarded orders! If you have to forward an order to a third party company, you want to make sure that they keep your quality standards. Therefore you just connect to acquainted companies and expand your network with them.
  • You maintain control! You decide which offers or orders are shown to your contacts. Your acquainted companies see the open orders you which to forward and can make offers for carrying them out. The complete messaging history is order related! Using VisLog gives you the control about the orders and you don’t lose track of any single piece of information.
  • Nationwide coverage You want to accept orders which momentarily exceed your free capacities and are offside your regular tours? Your company just works predominantly regional, because a lack of orders for the return tours from distant locations? With VisLog your are now capable of accepting any order.You just forward it to your network of trusted companies. Become a member of Europe’s fast growing network of transport and logistics companies and connect to other trusted partners. Increase your existing transport and logistics network with a few mouse clicks. Just add the regional and nationwide transport network and capacities of your partners to your own network. From that moment on you are able to accept every order even in before remote and accessible areas.
  • More time and less effort! You already work with other companies and receive weekly site data of them? You receive requests but aren’t close by?

    Do you receive and send price requests and forward orders by email?

    Do you receive spontaneous requests by phone?

    You don’t have a good overview of your correspondence to other companies?

    Do spend endless hours searching through emails and notes?

    The solution for all your problems is quite simply VisLog! From now on your complete offer, order and messaging history is order related!
    You will never lose track again!